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Arturo Microcement

Cement-based finish for floors and walls.

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Arturo floors

Discover the world of Arturo. With a wide spectrum of resin floors, Arturo offers the perfect solution for any space. Arturo floors are sustainable, low-maintenance, wear-resistant, and seamless. They are available in all possible colours, simple to clean and can be combined with any type of underfloor heating. Arturo. Floors for Change.

Colour of the year 2022
Microcement Toilet
Gietvloer kleur van het jaar 2023 - Mild Shades
Microcement Bathroom
Microcement uv stabiel
Cementitious floor natural look
Resin floor Ice Cave
Gietvloer woning

Discover the world of Arturo

Here lies arturo floors


Welcome to the newest tool: the Arturo Room Visualiser! Whether you are a professional or just want to give your own home a touch-up, our Room Visualiser is designed to lend you a hand. Simply take the tool on your phone or laptop to the customer and get to work.

Upload your own photo or choose one of the pre-selected spaces, pick a colour for the floor or wall from our collection, and watch the space transform. This tool gives you the unique opportunity to try out different colours from our collections on the floors and walls. See the potential of your space instantly, download your design, visit our Arturo dealer page for more information, or, if you are a business customer, request a sample to experience the actual look and feel.


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In the Arturo Color Collection, color and creativity are given free rein. Download the brochure and discover which style suits you, in short get inspired!

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    Everything here is a highlight, including the floor!

    Coral White

    Ria van Hemert Woerden


    Discover the many advantages of a resin floor

    A self-smoothing floor is not only seamless, durable and easy to clean. There are many more reasons to choose for a self smoothing floor.

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