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A cementitious floor or wall gives the interior a tough look. The floor or wall is perfect to combine with an industrial interior or robust furniture. Or how about a match with a country look using natural material? Match your style on our cementious floors and walls!

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Properties cementitious floors and walls

Discover the unique properties of cementitious floors and walls
Suitable for underfloor heating
Natural look
Suitable for underfloor heating
Arturo cementitious floors are suitable for underfloor heating. Cold feat are history!
The cementitious floors don’t discolour and preserve their beautiful natural look. The sun ensures that the shades of colour stand out even more.
Natural look
The cementitious floors of Arturo give the interior a tough basis. They are perfect to combine with an industrial or land-based interior.
Because a cementitious floor is seamless, it is a low-maintenance and friendly floor.

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    Benefits cementitious floor

    A cementitious floor or wall is rough, has a natural look, and is suitable for various application areas such as stores, homes, offices, and schools.

    • Natural look
    • Seamless
    • Good wear and scratch resistance
    • Available in several colours

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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, because the concrete floor is only a few millimetres think, the floor quickly becomes warm and you can soon enjoy warm feet.
    The cementitious floor msust dry for at least 6 hours before it is walkable.
    No, due to the open structure, cementitious floors are not water resistant.
    We have 10 colours to choose from.