Advantages of a resin floor

They are increasingly found in homes, public buildings and offices. In 2022, self-smoothing floors are totally hot! This is not surprising at all, because a self-smoothing floor has many advantages. They are colour resistant, strong, available in all possible colours and easy to clean. Furthermore, a well laid self-smoothing floor will last for years. You can read all about it in the following blog.

To highlight the advantages of a self-smoothing floor, we must first go back to the floor itself. After all, what is a self-smoothing floor anyway? A self-smoothing floor is, as the name already suggests, a poured floor. The floor is applied in several layers by a specialist company. This is skilled work.

How is a self-smoothing floor applied? The surface should be as flat as possible. Subsequently, the primer and/or scratch coat ensures a good connection to the ground. In the next step, the self-smoothing floor is applied. Finally, the sealer is applied. This ensures optimal protection and the desired appearance of the floor. As you can see, this is specialist work. Only in the system mentioned above the benefits are applicable.

But, what are the advantages?

Why choose a self-smoothing floor?

1.Suitable for any room

A self-smoothing floor is seamless and suitable for any space. Because the floor is seamless, you create an open and spacious appearance. A self-smoothing floor is also suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens. This is due to the floor’s liquid proofing. A resin floor is available for various applications, such as homes, schools, restaurants, car garages, production and logistics companies, offices, canteens and public buildings.

2. High walking comfort and non-discolouring

The last thing you want is for your floor to discolour. A self-smoothing floor is UV stable. This means that there are no visible colour differences. In addition, a self-smoothing floor is wear- and scratch resistant and therefore very strong. This ensures high walking comfort. And that is a good thing if the floor has to endure a lot with children, pets, staff or mechanical stress.

3. Available in all possible colours

It is important that the floor fits the interior and the style of your room. An industrial concrete look, a warm tone or a pronounced colour? It is all possible. Arturo self-smoothing floors are available in all RAL, NCS and Sikkens colours. Use the Arturo Color Collection 3.0 to choose the colour that suits your needs. A self-smoothing floor can be finished decoratively with flakes.

Resin floor showroom

Other benefits

4. Possible in combination with underfloor heating

Self-smoothing floors are easy to combine with underfloor heating. They absorb and release heat easily. It is even a particularly suitable floor for underfloor heating.

5. Sustainable through lone lifetime

A well-laid floor can last up to 25 years. It is even possible to extend the life of the floor even further by applying a new sealer. Would you prefer a different type of floor? Then the self-smoothing floor can serve as an excellent substrate.

6. Easy to clean

A self-smoothing floor has no seams where dirt can accumulate. Regular maintenance ensure a permanently beautiful and high quality floor. You will enjoy it for a long time! Arturo floors are seamless, fluid-tight and easy to keep clean. That’s what everyone wants!

Resin floors are suitable for both new construction and renovation. Because of their low thickness (2-3mm) Arturo floors are often used in renovation projects. Depending on the substrate, application on existing floors is possible.

Choose an Arturo self smoothing floor

Ready for a change and curious about the most attractive floors inspired by nature? Choose an Arturo floor. With self-smoothing floors, floor coatings and resin screeds there is a suitable solution for every space and application.

Application of a self-smoothing floor involves high demands and is craftsmanship. The type of usage and the requirements of the user determine the Arturo system. For more information, please contact one of the Arturo dealers.

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