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Choosing a new floor is not somthing you do every day. So, which style and colour is right for you? With our style compass, inspired by nature, we help you with that! First, choose your style direction. Then, choose the colour. This way your chosen resin floor will match your style and wishes!


Discover the unique properties of resin floors
Increased comfort underfoot
Suitable for underfloor heating
A seamless self-smoothing floor provides a modern, sleek and warm look. It also makes the floor easier to clean. There no joins where dirt can get in.
Increased comfort underfoot
Because of its elastic character, the floor is softer and provides cushioning, which in turn increases the comfort underfoot. This is ani deal floor is you have children playing at home or at work.
Do you live in a sunny house? That is no problem for our self-smoothing floors by choosing this floor, you can confidently open your curtains, let the sunlight in, and continue to enjoy your self-smoothing floor.
Suitable for underfloor heating
Do your feet get gold easily but you are considering a self-smoothing floor? Our flours are ideally suited for underfloor heating. And did you know that because the self-smoothing floor is only a few millimetres thick, you already have a quick heated floor?
Resin floor showroom
Microcement in kamer
Resin floors seamless
Resin floor in kitchen
Resin floor office

Discover the Arturo Room Visualiser

Welcome to the newest tool: the Arturo Room Visualiser! Whether you are a professional or just want to give your own home a touch-up, our Room Visualiser is designed to lend you a hand. Simply take the tool on your phone or laptop to the customer and get to work.

Upload your own photo or choose one of the pre-selected spaces, pick a colour for the floor or wall from our collection, and watch the space transform. This tool gives you the unique opportunity to try out different colours from our collections on the floors and walls. See the potential of your space instantly, download your design, visit our Arturo dealer page for more information, or, if you are a business customer, request a sample to experience the actual look and feel.


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    Here lies Arturo floors

    Resin floor in kitchen

    Advantages Arturo resin floors

    A self-smoothing floor is seamless and creates an open atmosphere in the room. It is suitable for various applications such as offices, restaurants, schools and homes.

    • Seamless
    • Improved walking comfort
    • Available in all colours
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    Choose your style

    Concrete look
    A concrete look has the appearance of a concrete look. But what makes the concrete look of Arturo so special, is that two colours are used to show beautiful paterns in the floor. This can be both very quiet and busier, tailored to your needs.
    The name unicolor says it all – when the self-smoothing floor is applied, you see one color. This brings serenity and provides a beautiful, even base for any decor and style.


    Discover the many advantages of a resin floor

    A self-smoothing floor is not only seamless, durable and easy to clean. There are many more reasons to choose for a self smoothing floor.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, because the self-smoothing floor is water-resistant, it can certainly be used in wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.
    Our self-smoothing floors are available in the 64 Color Collection colours and in almost all RAL colours.
    No, because the self-smoothing floor is seamless, it is easy to clean. In addition, a self-smoothing floor does not attract dirt and dust.
    Yes, because the self-smoothing floor is only a few millimetres thick, the floor quickly becomes warm and you can soon enjoy warm feet.
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