Cementitious floor: design or not?

A cementitious (self-smoothing) floor does not sound like a design floor. Rather like a bare floor that serves as a substrate or a floor for an industrial hall. But this is anything but true. A cementitious floor is definitely a design floor. Why? We are happy to tell you.

Is a cementitious floor a design floor?

Arturo Concreta – cementitious floor

A cementitious floor is also called a cementitious cself-smoothing floor because the floor is poured. Because the floor is then smoothed out by hand and is seamless with different shades of color, it ultimately becomes a true design floor. The color markings give the floor a robust, tough and natural look. This can complete a space in a home, office or store. You can choose from a quiet concrete color to a warm shade of brown, deciding whether the floor will be the eye-catcher of the room or just provide tranquility.

Cementgebonden vloer Concreta

Benefits of cementitious flooring

Now, you know it is a design floor, but are you still unsure? Then we would like to briefly tell you about the advantages of the cementitious floor:

  • Maintenance-friendly
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • UV-stable
  • Can be used in renovations
  • Good wear and scratch resistance
  • Multiple colors available

And if you still have doubts about all the properties or colors of the cementitious floors, then take a look at our overview page.


Cementitious floor Concreta
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