Colour of the year 2024: Cosmic Fusion

Our society is undergoing significant changes, leading to uncertainty and stress. Due to this uncertainty, the need for shelter and occasional retreat into the safe haven of one’s own home is growing increasingly important.

We transform our homes into places where we feel comfortable after a hard day’s work, places where we can completely relax and be ourselves (me time). How wonderful it would be to experience this feeling at work, whether in an office, school, or a store.

This is why we have declared Cosmic Fusion as the colour of the year 2024. A concrete look that has been part of our Arturo Color Collection for several years. This colour perfectly meets the current need to escape the stimuli and unrest brought by the rapidly changing world. The warm sand colour of Cosmic Fusion brings balance and creates a warm, soothing atmosphere in every work and living environment.

Gietvloer in zandkleur

Embrace the Warmth

Cosmic Fusion is a concrete look from the Kalahari style, one of the six style directions in the Arturo Style Compass. Kalahari, the warm-blooded primeval landscape at the heart of the endless desert. This style is warm and airy, offering a colour palette from light sand shades to dark earth tones that feel cozy and familiar. Combine with off-white and add terra accents to complete the look. Use natural raw materials and tactile fabrics, and apply organic shapes in patterns, furniture, and decorations. Avoid bright colors, keep the overall feel calm to create a serene atmosphere in your interior.

Does your interior need warmth? Then the colour Cosmic Fusion is the perfect addition to your space. The soft sand colour brings balance and minimizes stimuli, making the space warm, bright, and soothing.

Gietvloer zandkleur
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